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Some Options to Consider When Replacing Teeth

One of the sad things that can happen to a person is to lose their teeth because it usually changes how they look especially if it the teeth at the front affected and also the missing tooth usually inconveniences them when they are eating. There are many things that can cause a person to lose their teeth the leading cause being mouth infections such as cavities and other conditions that can lead to loss of teeth in addition, teeth can also be lost through accidents. Once a person has lost their teeth it is important to consider number of options that they could use to replace the lost tooth since a permanent tooth cannot regrow. In this article we are going to be considering some of the options that a person can explore when replacing their teeth.

An individual has an option of considering dental implants which are usually permanent and are fixed at the place of the missing tooth and usually resemble a normal tooth. The benefits of considering a dental implant is that they are permanent in nature and once a dentist has already fixed them there is no need of frequently visiting the dentist because they are permanent. The disadvantage of having a dental implant is that it is very painful to fix and also it is so expensive.

A person that is exploring options of replacing multiple teeth that have been lost on one side following each other they can consider the option of an implant supported bridge. The installation of an implant supported bridge is that the first and the last teeth are usually fixed just like in the case of a dental implant but those that are in between are usually supported by a bridge. An implant supported bridge is not a permanent option when it comes to teeth replacement and after a period of time it is supposed to be removed and replaced. The big disadvantage that comes with an implant supported bridge is that it can only be used on a person that has lost more than two teeth and it is also painful to install.

A tooth supported bridge is also an option of teeth replacement and in this case it is a non invasive procedure which usually involves the bridge being put and supported by two teeth that are present and it is fixed on the crowns of the two teeth . It is important to consider a truth supported bridge because it is noninvasive and also quite affordable as compared to the other options of teeth replacement. This method of teeth replacement has a disadvantage because if the mouth is not well cleaned it could have an infection because food can easily slip underneath the teeth causing an infection.

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