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SOC reports let service providers affirm their reliability by assessing many services, for example, privacy, data management, privacy, and confidentiality. It is typical for tasks to be farmed out to a service organization. When user entities subcontract functions, many perils of the service company are passed on to the user entities. In light of many prominent internal-control breakdowns such as frauds, privacy breaches, and security breaches and increasing regulatory concentration on internal control such as HITECH, HIPAA, Base II, and Sarbanes-Oxley, user-entity management is bettering its due diligence. These regulatory and technical modifications have increased the essential for guarantees and information that helps administration exhibit that they have handled stakeholders worries that emanate from confidentiality, security, and privacy of the systems exploited in processing user entity’s records. By engaging a self-governing CPA to examine and report on the controls of a service provider using a SOC audit, the businesses offering services can react to the obligations of their user entities and acquire an objective examination reflecting on the effectiveness of controls that deal with operations, monetary reporting, and adherence. To offer a framework for CPAs to assess controls and assist management to comprehend the related risks, there are three types of SOC reports.

SOC 1 reports inspect a service provider when controls are probable to be relevant to a user entity’s domestic control over financial reporting. SOC 1 type 1 report details if it is likely to attain the related control goals included in the explanation as of a specific date. Type 2 inspects control objectives included in the account over a stipulated period of time. Type 2 account provides a more exhaustive investigation and is more scrupulous to compile.

SOC 2 reports are alike to a SOC 1 report apart from that it also incorporates an explanation of the examinations done by the service auditor and the outcomes of those examinations. A SOC 2 report specially addresses one or more of the five chief systems attributes which are security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

SOC 3 reports utilize predefined rule that is also utilized in SOC 3 accounts. The major difference between SOC 2 and 3 reports is that SOC 2 contains a comprehensive description of the service assessor’s examinations of controls, outcomes of those examinations, and the auditor’s opinion regarding the description of the service company’s system. A SOC 3 description exclusively provides the inspector’s explanation if the system accomplishes the trust service rule.

Some companies make a great mistake of waiting till a potential or client requests a SOC report prior to them engaging a SOC inspector, a thing that causes them to lose deals or current clients due to failing to provide a SOC account on time.

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