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Paleys upon Pilers

A new structure, known as Paleys upon Pilers, has been erected at Aldgate in London to commemorate the poet Geoffrey Chaucer. The structure, built by Studio Weave (, was also built for the Olympic games as the gateway that leads from the City to the Olympic Park in Stratford.
The 2012 Olympic games begin today and this latticed timber hut on stilts by Hackney architects Studio Weave now marks the direct route from the City of London to the Olympic Park.
The temporary installation is positioned at the start of High Street 2012, a ribbon of streets that lead directly from Aldgate, east London, to the main site of the games in Stratford.
Named Paleys upon Pilers, or palace on pillars, the wooden folly was inspired by the dream-like temples described in two poems written by historic Aldgate resident Geoffrey Chaucer.
Studio Weave's project was constructed in place of the 100 metre-tall glass elevator that won a competition for the site back in 2010 but was abandoned when funding couldn't be raised.
Paleys upon Pilers celebrates Aldgate’s distinguished resident Geoffrey Chaucer.
To mark the location of the historic Aldgate – where Chaucer lived from 1374-1386 - an intricate timber ‘paleys upon pilers’ (palace on pillars) has been commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects as its contribution to the games celebrations.
The installation secured temporary Planning Permission on Friday May 4th, will officially open on Friday the 27th July 2012 and will remain in place throughout the summer.
Created by the young, award-winning architects, Studio Weave, the construction will also mark the start of High Street 2012, the direct route from the City of London to the games site at Stratford.