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Tomas Saraceno

Untitled (Airport City Modules)

Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park (annual)
The artwork Untitled by Tomas Saraceno is located in a park. The nature (trees, clouds) is reflected by the shiny surface. Due to the rectangular shapes of the artwork, it seems, that portions of the surroundings are cut away, are manipulated.

In the essay by ArtAtSite this artwork is compared with the following artworks. Check this link for the essay.

Sky Mirror (New York, picture 2, more information) is giving the nature back to the people. Anish Kapoor says something like: "Look around you, see the beauty of the sky. Take another point of view, see the surroundings from a different side, upside down.". The artwork distorts only a little, namely because of the fisheye.

This sympathetic artwork Lensbomen (Glasses Trees) by Thomas Puckey (Amsterdam, picture 3, more information) is a tree containing discs of glass. The artwork would have extra dynamics when transparent glasses where used so the area and sky was magnified or deformed.

The artwork Never Again Auschwitz by Jan Wolkers (Amsterdam, picture 4, more information) the sunlight is reflected by broken glass. The glass plates are reminiscent of gravestones. The artwork reflects on one of the most difficult issues in European history. Jan Wolkers says: “After Auschwitz, the view on the sky is violated”.
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